Slippery Slides
Slippery Slides

Year round fun at Camp Sierra:

  • In the summer the scenic old railroad bed just above the camp facility is great for hiking, biking or running.
  • Fishing is excellent in nearby, well-stocked streams and lakes.
  • In camp, a near-natural “Swimming Hole” provides fun for all ages and a spacious deck for lounging.
  • A short hike on a scenic trail leads you down the canyon to Big Creek – a beautiful, active stream with historic “Pot Holes” for swimming.
  • Located a short walk from camp is Balsam Creek, famous for its waterfalls and “slippery slides.”
  • Playgrounds offer many enjoyable recreational activities for children.
  • Enjoy volleyball, horseshoes, baseball, table tennis, half-court basketball and other group activities.
  • In the evening, an open camp fire adds a warm, friendly glow to the cool mountain air.
  • In winter the nearby mountains offer great sledding, tobogganing, snowshoeing and cross country skiing.